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Workshops for Elevated Excellence

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and organizational upliftment through Maie’s meticulously curated workshops.

Offering an illuminating blend of strategic acumen and soulful guidance, our workshops are designed to forge not just transformative experiences, but to kindle sustained elevation in every participant’s personal and professional life.

The Journey Begins with Envision + Elevate

Solidify your vision, break through psychological blocks, and set the stage for a future where your aspirations are not just met, but effortlessly integrated into your daily living.

Envision + Elevate, one of our signature workshops, extends beyond conventional goal-setting, employing scientifically validated image-based manifestation techniques to expedite your journey from aspiration to achievement.

Envision+Elevate Key Take Aways

Community Building

Experience the power of collective energies converging towards shared visions and goals.

Creative Expression

Encounter the transformative power of holding space for creative self-expression, birthing innovation and authenticity.

Authentic Communication

Dive deep into honest, unfiltered dialogue that fosters community, collaboration, and shared vision.

Flexibility in Strategy

Learn the value of adaptability and how unplanned routes might lead to unexpectedly fruitful destinations.

Mindful Scribing

Engage in manifestation and journaling practices that align your subconscious with your conscious goals.

Engaged Movement

Break free from stagnant energy, igniting vitality and vibrancy through conscious movement and dance.

Your Workshop, Your Transformation

Each workshop is crafted to address varied aspects of professional development. Work with us to design a bespoke workshop tailored exclusively to the unique needs and aspirations of your organization.

Explore, Enhance, and Elevate

Designed and led by Maie Elamry, a seasoned professional with a decade of sales executive experience and an MBA in Organizational Behavior, every workshop is an invitation to explore, enhance, and elevate. We delve into both the scientific and spiritual facets of professional development, ensuring that your journey is robust, holistic, and profoundly impactful.

Client Testimonials

Maie is so good at hosting group events like these because she knows how to adapt to the energy and hype people up.

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

Maie held space for us to dig deep and express our desire. She was supportive and thorough, time flew by! Highly suggest making it to her events!

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

Maie set up a judgement free environment that fostered deep critical thinking. She broke down barriers and got me assessing my life currently and provides the tools I need to reach for my goals. I look forward to Maie’s future events.

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

Maie was an excellent moderator. She was energetic and very knowledgable. She kept the group engaged and the topic interesting. I would absolutely recommend joining her courses! Great job Maie!

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

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