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Envision + Elevate

Manifest Your Future, Elevate Your Vision

The Envision + Elevate workshop is where you’re not only invited to dream but are equipped with the tools to make those dreams a reality. Dive deep into the art of manifestation and uncover the power within you to shape your future, breaking free from the chains of psychological barriers.

What You Can Expect from Envision + Elevate

Maie Elamry, renowned for her unique ability to inspire transformation and foster personal growth, will guide you through this enlightening journey. From deciphering your past trajectory to creating a compelling future roadmap, she offers a proven approach to visualizing success.

Step-by-Step Goal Setting

Unlock the clarity you need to set intentional, meaningful goals.

One-Word Vision Boards

Simplify and amplify your vision with the power of a single word, driving focus and determination.

Plot Your Past

By understanding the trajectory of your past 5-7 years, identify patterns, celebrate growth, and learn from experiences.

The Science Behind Visualization

Discover why image-based manifestation isn’t just a trend, but a scientifically-backed technique to materialize your aspirations.

Glimpses from Past Workshops: Key Takeaways from E+E 2020, 2021 & 2022

Gift Sharing & Community Building

Now, more than ever, the world needs us to come together, share our unique gifts, and forge strong communities.

Creative Expression

There's immense power in holding spaces for genuine, creative expression – an often underestimated force of transformation.

Authentic Communication

The beauty of open, honest communication cannot be overstated. It fosters community, shared vision, and unbreakable bonds.

Embracing Life's Detours

Plans might change, detours may arise, but sometimes, these unexpected turns lead us to even better destinations.

The Power of Scribing

Experience the magic of scribing – a manifestation and journaling technique that bridges you with your higher self.

Transaction & Transformation

Engage in meaningful transactions that don't just exchange value but transform perspectives.

The Joy of Movement

Dance, move, shake things up. Rejuvenate your spirit by channelling stagnant energy, making room for positivity and growth.

Mindset Elevation: The Heart of Transformation

Our approach doesn’t stop at imparting skills. It’s about transforming perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs. Dive into our hallmark manifestation workshop where you don’t just set goals, but learn to believe in them, ensuring they transition from mere thoughts to tangible realities.

Client Testimonials

Maie is so good at hosting group events like these because she knows how to adapt to the energy and hype people up.

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

Maie held space for us to dig deep and express our desire. She was supportive and thorough, time flew by! Highly suggest making it to her events!

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

I found this event (Envision+Elevate) very knowledgeable and clarifying. There was a lot of depth and reason for all that was brought out to the table. There was a lot of self realizations for me during this event and would definitely recommend it!! Plus it was a good time!

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

10/10 would attend another event hosted by Maie. She maintained a good flow, kept everyone on track and maintained a high level of energy throughout the ENTIRE event. Maie was able to “read the room” even through Zoom and encouraged guests to participate in dancing, which really helped liven up points of lull.

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

Ready to Craft Your Future?

Embark on a transformative experience. Shape your vision, elevate your spirit, and step confidently into the future you’ve always dreamed of.