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A Voice That Resonates: Maie Elamry

With an illustrious background encompassing international roles, rigorous academic pursuits, and invaluable experience partnering with multinational giants, Maie Elamry stands as a beacon for transformative thought leadership. Her words are not just heard; they inspire action, catalyze change, and pave the way for new paradigms.

Introducing Maie Elamry: Your Navigator to Elevated Excellence

Ignite transformation and progress with Maie's unique, authentic, insight-driven keynotes.

Maie Elamry, an MBA in Organizational Behavior, melds rich expertise from over a decade in sales and organizational leadership into every nuanced, empowering keynote she delivers. Navigating through the realms of mindset elevation and strategic leadership, Maie crafts speeches that are not just heard but deeply felt and fundamentally transformative. Each talk is a step towards reshaping corporate cultures and unlocking profound personal and professional development. 

Presentations That Engage & Enlighten

Whether it’s the grand stage of conventions or the solemn halls of convocations, Maie understands the gravity each event holds. That’s why every speech she delivers is meticulously crafted, ensuring it resonates deeply with the audience and aligns with the event’s essence.

For Colleges & Universities

  • – First-Year Experience: Starting Strong
  • – Orientation & Organization: Navigating the Initial Challenges
  • – Undergraduate Success: Crafting a Bright Future
  • – Graduate School Triumphs: Taking Higher Education by Storm
  • – Student Leadership: Pioneering Change from the Ground Up

For Corporates, Careerists & Entrepreneurs

  • – Mission-Driven Sales: Sales with Purpose
  • – Wellness in Business: The Heartbeat of Success
  • – Juggling Priorities: Maintaining Balance in a Chaotic World
  • – Abolishing Ego: Fostering a Collaborative Workplace
  • – Crafting Company Culture: Building Environments that Thrive
  • – Multicultural Leadership: Leading in a Diverse World
  • – Sisterhood in Leadership: The Power of Female Unity
  • – Characteristics of a Leader: Traits that Transform
  • – Professional Development: Elevating Your Career Path
  • – Mindset Mastery: Conquering Challenges with the Right Perspective

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Elevate Mindsets, Transform Outcomes

Experience the potent intersection of inspiration and strategic mindset elevation with Maie Elamry’s keynotes. Ignite a wave of transformative thinking that extends beyond the stage, embedding resilience, aspiration, and tangible shifts within your team, propelling your organization toward a horizon of sustained excellence and wellbeing.

Client Testimonials

I loved this event. It was unlike anything I’ve ever been to. Maie really outdid herself. The event was full of amazing information and I left the event feeling unstoppable! I would highly recommend any of Maie’s events to absolutely everyone!

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

Maie set up a judgement free environment that fostered deep critical thinking. She broke down barriers and got me assessing my life currently and provides the tools I need to reach for my goals. I look forward to Maie’s future events.

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

Maie’s Envision + Elevate 2021 event was so fun while we delving into our inner selves. We explored our own current situations while looking ahead to our wishes for 2021. I learned things I haven’t elsewhere and am grateful for the opportunity to have participated.

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

I found this event (Envision+Elevate) very knowledgeable and clarifying. There was a lot of depth and reason for all that was brought out to the table. There was a lot of self realizations for me during this event and would definitely recommend it!! Plus it was a good time!

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

Elevate Your Event Virtually

Maie will walk through step-by-step goal-setting, how to create a vision board using one word, how to plot the trajectory of your past 5-7 years and why image-based manifestation is scientifically proven to help you achieve your goals.


Envision + Elevate

Solidify a vision for your future while breaking through psychological blocks in our signature workshop.

Maie will walk through step-by-step goal-setting, how to create a vision board using one word, how to plot the trajectory of your past 5-7 years and why image-based manifestation is scientifically proven to help you achieve your goals.

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