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Illuminating Paths & Elevating Potentials

A beacon of holistic professional development and a steadfast advocate for mindset elevation, Maie Elamry is not merely an MBA in Organizational Behavior, but a spirited guide through the complexities of corporate culture and individual professional evolution.

Maie Elamry Jumping in the Air

Strategist. Guide. Change-Maker.

Maie’s multifaceted approach emerges from a confluence of hard-earned business acumen and a deep-seated passion for psychology and spirituality. Drawing upon a rich tapestry of over a decade of experience as a sales executive across varied industries, she doesn’t just illuminate the path towards enhanced performance; she walks alongside you, ensuring the journey is robust, authentic, and deeply transformative.

Services Tailored for Tangible Transformation

In her workshops, group events, and public speaking engagements, Maie elevates executive clients and organizations by providing tangible tools for mindset elevation, thereby sculpting an environment where personal and business performance are not only optimized but sustainably so.

Bridging Individual Ascent with Organizational Elevation

Whether through seminars, workshops, or keynotes, Maie’s interventions infuse vitality into every layer of your professional journey. Focus areas encompass dismantling toxic corporate cultures, aligning teams with organizational goals, and honing leadership skills, all culminating in an environment where every individual is both a beneficiary and a contributor to collective success.

Journey Beyond Limiting Beliefs

Maie holds a mirror to both individuals and organizations, reflecting not merely where they stand, but showcasing the expansive potentials awaiting beyond existing limiting beliefs. Every interaction is not just a step but a leap towards crafting a reality where business objectives and personal well-being are harmoniously intertwined.


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Step into a space where your professional aspirations are not only recognized but intricately understood and nourished towards sustained fruition. Connect with Maie and embark upon a journey where every stride is a stride towards elevated living and organizational well-being.

Client Testimonials

I found this event (Envision+Elevate) very knowledgeable and clarifying. There was a lot of depth and reason for all that was brought out to the table. There was a lot of self realizations for me during this event and would definitely recommend it!! Plus it was a good time!

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

10/10 would attend another event hosted by Maie. She maintained a good flow, kept everyone on track and maintained a high level of energy throughout the ENTIRE event. Maie was able to “read the room” even through Zoom and encouraged guests to participate in dancing, which really helped liven up points of lull.

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee
Maie has an innate ability to bring out the best in people and make them feel seen and heard while getting the max out of their potential. It was a great decision to bring her in to work with our team.
John Filiatraut, Vice President At Tri-Arc Gases & Welding Supplies Ltd.

I can’t say enough good things about working with Maie. She is such a professional but she makes learning so much fun as if we’re not working. Do yourself a favor and learn from her. Your teams will thank you!

Carol Hillier, Director Of Administration At Mercedes-Benz Canada