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Maie Elamry guides individuals and organizations towards a future framed by success, well-being, and elevated professional performance.

Navigate through our tailored consultations, workshops, and speaking engagements, and step into a realm where profound professional growth and organizational vitality converge, propelling you towards a future of amplified success and impactful leadership.

Tailor-made keynote speeches and performance consulting, specific to your business.

Performance Consulting

Focus on various facets of organizational enhancement including leadership training, sales, and marketing alignment, and corporate team-building.


Consider a bespoke workshop like Envision + Elevate, directing teams towards synchronized success by solidifying a collective vision and breaking through psychological barriers together.

Speeches & Keynotes

Invite the aura of enlightenment and invigoration to your events with Maie’s profoundly resonant and custom-crafted keynotes.

Maie’s Approach

A Symbiosis of Strategy and Soul

Maie Elamry, a seasoned sales executive and an MBA in Organizational Behavior, harmonizes the worlds of practical business strategies and soulful leadership development. With over a decade of multi-industry experience, she discerns the nuanced demands of various sectors, ensuring that your journey with her is uniquely tailored, strategically aligned, and intrinsically uplifting.

We work with SMBs, large corporations or in small group dynamics depending on your needs.

Some of who we've worked with

Mercedes Benz
Home Depot

Elevate your team's performance

A high performance team is engaged, committed and aligned with your company’s mission, vision & values.

Employee turnover costs companies, large and small; millions every year. Let’s chat about how we can prevent you from losing your investment in top talent by aligning your organization’s goals with those of your top performers.

Motivate, Energize, and Cultivate Team Success with Tangible Mindset Tools

Enhance employee engagement and well-being using our established systems, while also elevating leadership teams. Book a discovery call today.

Client Testimonials

Maie’s Envision + Elevate 2021 event was so fun while we delving into our inner selves. We explored our own current situations while looking ahead to our wishes for 2021. I learned things I haven’t elsewhere and am grateful for the opportunity to have participated.

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

I can’t say enough good things about working with Maie. She is such a professional but she makes learning so much fun as if we’re not working. Do yourself a favor and learn from her. Your teams will thank you!

Carol Hillier, Director Of Administration At Mercedes-Benz Canada

I found this event (Envision+Elevate) very knowledgeable and clarifying. There was a lot of depth and reason for all that was brought out to the table. There was a lot of self realizations for me during this event and would definitely recommend it!! Plus it was a good time!

Envision + Elevate Workshop Attendee

Maie set a judgement-free environment that fostered deep critical thinking about my habits, my mindset and my behavior. She broke down barriers so that I could properly access key motivating drivers of what it means to be successful in my business. She really has a gift because I was weary and hesitant at the start but each time we had a session it was exactly what I needed.

Anonymous Executive Coaching Client

Envision + Elevate

A manifestation workshop where you solidify a vision for your future while breaking through psychological blocks.

Maie will walk through step-by-step goal-setting, how to create a vision board using one word, how to plot the trajectory of your past 5-7 years and why image-based manifestation is scientifically proven to help you achieve your goals.

Executive Training & Education

The needs of every organization is different based on the specific employee issues that must be addressed.

We provide professional executive consulting services where we work with individuals (usually executives, but often high-potential employees) to help them gain self-awareness, clarify their professional goals, achieve their development objectives and ultimately, unlock their potential.

Secure your path to elevated success—book a discovery call with Maie today.